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Electric Transimission System

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    Product description

    The electrical control equipment of the color-coated board production line mainly includes: automatic control system, AC drive system, AC variable frequency drive system, AC motor control center, operating system and detection components, secondary instruments, etc.
    The entire production line is equipped with a master control system, the core of which is an industrial PC, which communicates with the line control system.
    The entire control system adopts PLC control, with remote modules through the bus. The control cabinet of each module is placed next to the corresponding control equipment, and at the same time, there is a manual console corresponding to the control cabinet. There are touch screen operation panels in the entrance section, tension leveler section, and exit section, and communicate with PLC through the bus. Through it, each load under the corresponding module can be controlled and the operating parameters can be adjusted. At the same time, the load can be displayed. Operation status, control and monitoring. The operation panel can receive operating commands and set parameters from the operator, and transmit the commands to the PLC CPU. It can also receive PLC signals to display the current status of the equipment and system parameters. The remote I/O module is responsible for collecting the detection signals of the production line and controlling the execution elements of the production line.

    There are many emergency stop buttons on the whole line, and prompt and alarm devices are properly set up to facilitate emergency handling and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

    Deploy detection devices and control devices across the line. Detection devices are divided into correction, centering, speed detection, temperature detection, etc.
    The main functions of the operation and monitoring system are listed as follows:
    1) Input, storage and modification of the parameters of the raw material table
    2) Display of the status of each equipment, setting and display of electrical parameters in the color coating process
    3) The man-machine interface adopts touch screen or computer WINCC
    4) Automatic control and adjustment of tension in the furnace
    5) Setting and display of full line speed, tension and other process parameters
    6) Operation and display of electrical equipment
    7) Fault alarm, elimination, help and record
    The system can adopt Siemens system, Yaskawa system and Siemens Yaskawa hybrid system.


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    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale color steel plate production line, color aluminum plate production line



    Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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