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Weifang Jingxiang Machinery Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a company which research, design, manufacture and install for high technological equipments of large production lines, including colored steel plate, colored aluminum plate, printed plate using for appliance, new colored steel and aluminum trim panel and so on. Its more than ten years  in the coated steel industry. With high professional technology, cooperating with many scientific research institutes, learning others essence, we researched the leading coating production process in China and manufacture competitive machinery products both home and abroad.

The plates manufactured from our production process, which are extensively used for  the new steel structure workshop (e.g. roof panel, wallboard,  fire proofing plate and so on), security door,  interior decoration, outdoor insulation , fire proofing materials and so on, have good performance and high quality.  Adhering to the principle of customer first, the products we design and manufacture meet the customers requirements, not only sell well in China, but also export to many other countries, such as Russia, Vietnam, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and so on.

The main products of production lines include 800-1250mm colored steel plate, 800-1500mm colored aluminum plate, 800-1250 galvanized board, 800-1250mm colored printing steel plate, 800-1500mm colored printing aluminum plate, 800-1250mm steel sheet for appliance, 800-1250mm tension level line, 800-1250mm recoilling line and so on.  The components include electrical equipment and automation control of whole line, mechanical equipments, mechanical hydraulic equipments, rollers of whole line, pneumatic equipments and environmental-friendly and energy-saving exhaust gas recovery system. The mechanical equipments designed by ourselves are in the leading position in this industry, which include finished roll packaging machine, uncoiling machine, coiling machine, thermostatic equipment for paint, printing machine, coating machine, package machine, wireless delivery device and so on.

The company covers over 36,000 square meters,  has more than 150 designers, manufacturing and installation personnels and owns all kinds of clipping, cutting, grinding, milling and drilling machines. More than 15 production lines can be designed, manufactured and installed every year by us, which output value can be reach to 150 million yuan.

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Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale color steel plate production line, color aluminum plate production line



Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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