May the mountains and rivers be safe and help each other!
Jingxiang is doing his best for the ancestors' national defense work, and hope the epidemic will end soon! Come on, motherland! Long live the people! Jingxiang people do their best to provide all help, and only hope to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and win this war without gunsmoke! ! !  
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Water and fire are ruthless people are affectionate!
The “Wambia” typhoon passed through Shandong and brought great losses to many areas. As Diaoyutai Village, the hardest-hit area, we also came to contribute a little with love.  
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Let's go! ! !
In order to enhance corporate cohesion, reflect the company’s humanistic care, and enrich the lives of employees, the company organized a trip to Qingdao on June 2, 2017. This trip allows everyone to temporarily put aside their busy work and devote themselves to the embrace of nature. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
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There are friends from afar, not to mention
"On the day of Mengxia, all things show up together" Early summer is the time when everything is flourishing and close to "melon ripening". It is also the harvest season of Jingxiang Machinery. Guests from all over the world come here to visit. Jingxiang people open their arms with full enthusiasm to welcome Guests from afar...
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