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Rewinding production line

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    Product description

    The main task of the recoiling production line is to use the steel coil produced by the continuous galvanizing line as the raw material. The material will be coiled neatly and divided into the required coil weight of the finished product, and then packaged through the packaging line and sent to the finished steel coil warehouse for storage. Its main equipment includes main equipment such as unwinder, belt threading table, cross-cutting, slitting, pinch roll, steering roll, tensioner and centering device.

    1. Process parameters:

    1. Material: low carbon steel, structural steel, such as: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SS330, SS400, S35C, etc.

    2. Thickness: 0.15~1.6mm

    3. Width: 700~1300mm

    4. Steel coil inner diameter: 508mm

    5. Outer diameter of steel coil: Max. 2100mm Min. 800mm

    6. Roll weight: Max. 24T

    7. The highest temperature of incoming materials: 50℃

    8. The minimum cutting amount of one side of the disc cutter: 5mm (single side)

    9. Yield strength: Max.400N/mm2

    10. Tensile strength: Max. 600N/mm2

    11. Process speed: Max. 300m/min

    12. Elongation rate of tension straightening machine: Max. 2%

    13. Annual output: 220,000 tons

    2. Process flow:

    Raw material → entrance saddle → entrance trolley → floor roller station → input three-level information → uncoiler → uncoiler → straight knife → entrance shears → sewing machine → crescent shears → 1# tension roller → tension leveler → 2# tension roller → Looper → Two-roller Deviation Correction → 3# Tension Roller → Three-roller Deviation Correction System → Disc Shear → Scrap Rewinding → Level Inspection Table → Oiling Machine → Export Shear → Steering Pinch Roller → Coiler → Unloading Car →weighing→baler→unloading trolley→export saddle→finished product warehouse

    3. Equipment features:

    1. The structure of the slitting shear is a double-frame tower disc cutter. This type of scissors is widely used in the finishing line of the cold rolling production line. The equipment structure is relatively simple, easy to maintain, and relatively high in production efficiency.

    2. The centering device is an important equipment for the finishing and recoiling unit. Its centering and correction effect will directly affect the coiling quality of the finished steel coil, whether the strip runs on the center line of the unit, whether the trimming is uniform, and the finished product Whether the edges of the steel coils are neat, etc.

    3. This production line can perform on-line straightening of strips that need to be straightened, avoiding unqualified strips from being moved to the front straightening machine for repeated straightening, thereby increasing the pass rate and yield rate. Increase the production capacity of the production line. At the same time, the strip steel that does not need to be straightened can be passed through the straightening machine, so that the strip can pass smoothly without affecting the passing speed of the strip, and avoiding the wear of the straightening roll, improving the use of the straightening roll Life, reduce energy consumption and reduce production costs.


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