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Hot-dip Galvanizing (Aluminum) Production Line

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    Product description

    Hot dip galvanizing (aluminum) line

    Hot dip galvanizing (aluminum)  line is a set continuous hot dip galvanizing (aluminum) equipments which produce zinc and aluminum coating steel coils  mainly used for electric industry, construction, agriculture and household appliance and the producing capacity is 250 thousand tons per year. The processes include pre-cleaning of the strip steel, annealing, hot dip galvanizing or aluminum, cooling after coating, leveling, tension leveling, passivating(anti-finger print), coating oil, winding coil, surface inspecting and so on to achieve multi-function, efficient and continuous production. The line is flexible to process many kinds of products in order to meet the demands of market. Can be customized according to the requirements of customers.   

    1. Technical parameter
    1. Baseboard: cold-rolled carbon structural steel, quality cold-rolled carbon structural steel and low alloy steel.
    2. Width of steel strip: 600-1500mm
    3. Thickness of steel strip: 0.15-3.5mm
    4. External diameter of steel coil: φ800-2000mm
    5. Process speed: 80-200m/min
    6. Energy: electricity, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, steam, compressed air and so


    1. State of cladding: ordinary spangle, small spangle, no spangle, finishing spangle
    2. Thickness of cladding: 50-300g/m2 (double sides)
    3. Process after cladding: finishing, straightening, fingerprint resistant coating / passivating, oiling

    2. Equipments of the line

    The equipments of the line include the entrance with two uncoilers, transverse shear in entrance, welding machine,entry loop, cleaning section, oven section, zinc pot, air knife system, cooling zone, leveler, withdrawal and straightening machine, passivating machine, exit loop, checking, oiling machine, transverse shear in exit, the exit with two tension recoiling machines, steel coil transporting system, bander, weighing machine.

    1. Characteristics
    1. Equip chemical and electrolytic cleaning device to remove the dirt on steel strip before dipping galvanizing or aluminum.
    2. Using horizontal oven, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain. The preheating section heats with the waste gas from the direct flame heating section. Using direct flame heating can shorten the length of heating and burn off the residual oil on the steel surface. The air fuel ratio of the direct flame heater is less than 1.0, will not oxidize the steel. The sections of heating and soaking use W type radiant tube and all the burners have heat exchanger to heat and help to combust air.

    3) In order to control the steel strip tension of the oven and hot dip section, the rollers in oven drive by gear motor and work by frequency speed control system. Set the tension rollers in the oven stern in order to ensure the steel strip tension constant, strip shape good and coating more even.

    4) Adopt four rollers temper mill and two bending & two correcting stretch bender, operated under liquid to improve the surface quality and the plate shape.

    5) Separate coil automatically, adopt up cut shear and can cut at begin and take sample.

    6) Used the measuring instrument of cladding thickness, which can monitor the actual cladding thickness and guide the precise adjustment of the air knife.

    7) Used the fingerprint resistant coating roller coater with quick change device, which can optimize the equipment layout in the process section efficiently, reduce the investment of workshop construction and can obtain exact organic or compound coating on steel surface at the same time.

    8. The control system uses AC vector inverter, CPC and EPC deviation correcting and fieldbus, the man-machine interface is good and equipments work stably and reliably.


    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale color steel plate production line, color aluminum plate production line



    Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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