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Shearing machine

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    Product description

    product description:
    The shearing machine is used on the plate uncoiling and leveling line. It is a high-speed shearing machine designed to meet the high-speed cutting requirements of the production line. The thick plate line is mostly hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, and the thin plate line is equipped with pneumatic shearing machine.
    working principle
    After shearing, the shearing machine should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism requirements of the shear surface of the sheared sheet, and minimize the distortion of the sheet to obtain a high-quality workpiece. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. A material holding ball is installed on the worktable so that the upper surface of the sheet is not scratched. The back gauge is used for positioning the plate, and the position is adjusted by the motor. The pressing cylinder is used to compress the sheet material to prevent the sheet material from moving during cutting.

    1. Electric shearing machine: Start the shearing machine for a few cycles of idling to ensure that under normal conditions, test cuts of different thicknesses, from thin to thick.
    2. Different plate thickness must be adjusted to different blade gaps during trial cutting, otherwise the blade durability will be affected.
    3. Open the pressure gauge switch during the shearing process and observe the oil pressure value. The pressure should be less than 10Mpa when cutting 2mm plates. Do not increase the pressure to cause damage to the machine by cutting beyond the specified material surface.
    4. Sound balance during operation. If the shearing machine has noise, stop and check.
    5. When the shearing machine is in operation, the temperature of the fuel tank is raised <60 degrees, and when it exceeds, it will shut down and rest.

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    Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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