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Color Coating Steel Sheet Production Line

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    Product description

    Color Coating Steel Sheet Production Line

    The color coating steel sheet production line is a complete of production equipment for colored steel plate, and the process is as follows: make the steel coil strips be subject to surface degreasing, parkerising and passivating treatment, then apply multi-layer organic coatings (e.g., coatings of modified resin (SMP), high weather-resistant polyester (HDP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) etc.) on the strip surface by means of continuous roller coating, next, overprint multi-color patterns, and finally compound to form new functional plates. The production line is composed of equipment of uncoiler, sewing machine, tension machine, storage machine, degreasing and washing unit, roller-coating machine, printing machine, curing furnace, shear, recoiler etc..

    Equipment Parameters:

    1. Material of base plate: electro-galvanized plate, hot-dip galvanized plate, hot dip Al-Zn plate, cold-rolled steel plate etc.

    2. Width of strip steel: 600-1650mm

    3. Thickness of strip steel: 0.12-1.5mm

    4. Outer diameter of steel coil: φ800-2000mm

    5. Process speed: 25-220m/min

    6. Thickness of coating: 5-25μm for the single-layer dry film on the front face (regulated as required)

                       5-15μm for the single-layer dry film on the back face (regulated as required)

    7. Thickness of printing layer: ≤1μm (oil ink or polyester)

    8. Production capacity: 50,000-250,000 t/year

    9. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, steam, compressed air etc.


    Equipment Characteristics:

    1. The equipment has advanced continuous roller coating process, with twice coatings and twice dryings for the front face and the back face, and mature and reliable technologies, and is widely used to the metal structure plants, municipal public services and high-end civil construction fields.

    2. The pre-treatment adopts continuous alkali circulating spraying, scrubbing and multi-stage circulating water spraying as well as fresh water spraying to enhance the washing effect, clean the strip steel surface, guarantee the coating quality and strengthen the adhesive force between the strip surface and the paint coating.

    3. The equipment adopts advanced environmental formation processing fluid and is equipped with high-precision chemical coating machine with even film coating, which guarantees the performance and quality of the coating. Such process is characterized in good utilization of formation agent, no pollution and good adhesive force of formation film etc.

    4. The roller-coating machine is equipped with pressure sensor to precisely display the pressure of coating roller, which can precisely control the coating evenness, and through the variable-frequency speed control of vector motor, the machine can execute forward or backward coating operation and can precisely control the thickness of coating to be within 1 micrometer, so as to adapt to the production requirements of various products.

    5. The coating curing and drying furnace adopts multi-layer labyrinth flashboard structure having good thermal insulation effect, and has multiple sets of hot air circulating devices and have functions of air distribution and management, waste gas collection and decomposition treatment, automatic temperature control etc.; it is equipped with catalytic incineration device as well as perfect and fine waste heat recycling device, and the exhaust gas meets the national environmental emission standard, which really achieves energy-saving and consumption reduction effect. The technical level of organic waste gas decomposition and heat utilization is second to none in China

    6. The printing process adopts three-color over-printing technology and the printer adopts digital control technology, making the thickness of printing coat be less than 1 micrometer, thus to effectively control the printing precision and color

    7. The control system adopts computer control systems of variable-frequency speed control of vector motor, site bus and fiber communication and real-time parameter monitor technology, with good human-machine interface, and it can be matched with computer unified management software for production scheduling, operation record and data curve display etc., and the equipment is in safe, stable and reliable operation.

    8. Introduce the concepts of intelligent production and energy management system, and configure multiple technical devices for fine regulation of energy saving, consumption reduction and production control, e.g., variable-frequency fan etc..


    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale color steel plate production line, color aluminum plate production line



    Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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