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Coating Film of Color-coated Sheet Production Line

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    Product description

    Coating Film of Color-coated Sheet Production Line

    The coating film of color-coated sheet production line applies glue and organic coatings on the surface of steel strip coils subject to surface degreasing and passivating treatment by means of roller coating, then bakes to the process temperature and then make it compound with PVC, PET films etc. under high temperature and high pressure of the compound machine, thus to form new functional composite boards. The products are mainly used to the steel wooden door plates and indoor decorative plates. The production line is composed of uncoiler, sewing machine, tension machine, storage machine, degreasing and washing unit, roller coating machine, curing oven, compound machine, trimming machine, shearing machine and winding machine etc..

    Equipment Parameters:

    1. Material of base plate: cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet etc.
    2. Width of strip steel: 600-1250mm
    3. Thickness of strip steel: 0.35-2.0mm
    4. Outer diameter of steel coil: φ800-1800mm
    5. Process speed: 20-40m/min
    6. Thickness of coating: thickness of single layer of dry film is 5-25μm
    7. Production capacity: 50,000-80,000 t/year
    8. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, water, compressed air.


    Equipment Characteristics:

    1. The pretreatment applies continuous circulating alkali spraying, scrubbing and multi-stage circulating water spraying and fresh water spraying to enhance washing effect, clean the strip steel surface, guarantee the coating quality and strengthen the adhesive force between the plate strip surfaces and the glue coatings.

    2. The equipment applies advanced roller coating process, with coating and drying once for the front face and the back face respectively. The equipment has mature and reliable technology, and the coating roller implements direct or reverse coating operation by vector-motor variable-frequency speed regulation, so as to adapt to the production requirements of various products.

    3. The composite process adopts high-temperature high-pressure technology, and thus to reach high peeling strength.

    4. The control system adopts vector-motor variable-frequency speed regulation, and PLC uses Siemens brand, which has good human-machine interface, and the equipment is subject to safe, stable and reliable operation.


    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



    Weifang Jingxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale color steel plate production line, color aluminum plate production line



    Phoenix Mountain Industrial Park, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County, Shandong Province



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